PTF-26 boat, Vietnam Era, Golconda, Pope County, Illinois, home port, Lusk Creek

PTF-26 Vietnam Era Boat

Preserving an historic Vietnam PT War Boat to inspire and train America's future mariners.
Coming to Golconda, Pope County, Illinois
Summer 2024 
The Maritime Pastoral Training Foundation, Ltd. was founded as a
non-profit charity in February 2018.  March 27, 2020, MPTF
purchased Sacramento's Vietnam War gunboat, PTF-26,
intending to build on its impressive 20 year record as operational
museum ship and Sea Scout training vessel with an
award-winning all-female crew.  
In summer 2024 PTF-26 will be relocating to Golconda, Illinois
to provide shipboard experiences for youth in the Heartland
previously unavailable.  PTF-26 will also be the first historic
naval ship museum in Southern Illinois. Crewed on most weekends
by NJROTC cadets, Sea Cadets and Sea Scouts in the region,
PTF-26 will also serve as an all-weather maritime
Incident Command Post (ICP) for the USCG Paducah Area Maritime
Security Committee in response to natural disasters,
homeland security incidents, vessel groundings or sinking, etc.